How Do I Neutralize an Overpowering Onion Flavor? Images

There are many different kinds of onions, from the smaller green onions to a larger sweet Vidalia. All of these vegetables will add a distinct flavor to any dish. However, an onion that is chopped too largely or undercooked in a dish can cause an overpowering flavor that will spoil the dish. Properly preparing, cutting and cooking an onion will ensure that all the other flavors of a dish have a chance to shine.

Cut the onion into smaller pieces, instead of strips or large chunks. The smaller the pieces, the less potent they will be in the recipe.

Rinse the onions off under a cool tap and place them into an ice bath.

Allow the onion pieces to remain in the ice bath for 60 to 90 minutes.

Remove the onions from the ice bath and rinse them under a cool tap.

Place the diced onion pieces on a piece of paper towel. Cover the onions with a second piece of paper towel and press to remove all of the excess moisture. Replace the top paper towel piece and continue to apply pressure until the majority of the liquid is removed. The ice bath will help reduce the strong flavoring of the onion.