How do I Clean Safety Boots?

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Safety boots, or work boots, are used as protective footwear on construction sites and in other work locations where the feet need to be protected. While safety boots are very durable, they need proper care and cleaning in order to last a long time and keep your feet healthy and safe. Ill-maintained safety boots can compromise the boots' ability to protect your feet from the elements and uncomfortable feet can become a distraction from the job.

Cleaning Leather Safety Boots

Pour a quarter-size amount of leather cleaner on a clean, soft cloth. Rub the cleaner into the surface of the leather to remove dirt and stains. Wipe the boots off with a clean, dry towel, then let the boots dry completely.

Maintain the leather surface of the safety boots by rubbing mink oil into the leather. Mink oil is a petroleum jelly-like paste that absorbs into the leather. Buff the leather surface with another cloth to remove excess mink oil.

Spray the surface of the leather safety boots with a weather-resistant spray to help repel stains caused by rain, snow and exposure to other sources of moisture.

Cleaning Suede Safety Boots

Scrub suede safety boots with a dry suede brush. Move the brush back and forth over dirty or stained areas to loosen and remove the dirt.

Pour baking soda on any wet stains or oil stains on suede safety boots. Leave the baking soda on overnight to absorb the oil or moisture.

Brush the baking soda off the safety boots and go over the boots with the suede brush to ensure no baking soda is left in the fibers of the suede.

Spray the boots with a weather-resistant spray made for suede material.

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