How Boredom Looks in Body Language


0:01 DR. MICHELLE COHEN: If you're trying to make a really good impression on someone, the last

0:04 thing you want to do is appear bored. And usually picking up boredom body cues is a

0:10 no-brainer, but I thought it would be important to review some of these things so you can

0:14 know what not to do if you're trying to appear interested or if you're just plain sleepy

0:19 and you don't want someone to know that you are. A bored person looks anywhere but at

0:25 the person who's talking to them. They find other things to do from doodling, staring

0:31 around the room. They may also keep looking at their watch or a wall clock, and bored

0:36 people often repeat actions like tapping their toes or drumming their fingers on something.

0:41 The repetition may escalate as they try to signal their boredom. Now, sometimes we don't

0:46 to appear bored with someone but we just do. It's kind of a natural subconscious thing.

0:52 A person who feels that they're unable to act to relieve their boredom may show signs

0:56 of tiredness as well. They may yawn. Their whole body may sag. They may slouch down in

1:01 their seat or they may stand and lean against the wall. Their face may also show a distinct

1:06 lack on interest and they may have a blank look on their face.