High-School Homecoming Day Dress-Up Ideas

Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

High school homecoming day is usually the culmination of a week of spirit activities, including a variety of dress-up days for students and faculty. A team-building activity, dress-up days typically include prizes for the best-dressed students or funniest outfits. Whatever dress-up theme you choose for your homecoming day, remember that the students' outfits must still meet the school's dress code. Thus, beachwear and lingerie days are not the best choices for high school students.

School Colors Day

Dress not only yourself, but your school, in the official school colors. Banners sporting the school mascot and colors hang above doorways as students dressed in a variety of school sports jerseys, from football to hockey to track, pass through the halls. If the school has an official T-shirt, encourage students to wear it with skirts or pants and matching hats or beanies.

Powderpuff Day

While the main homecoming game is held in the evening, the afternoon powderpuff game is a tradition in many schools. Two teams of female students square off for the flag football game, usually the freshmen and sophomores against the juniors and seniors, or the juniors against the seniors. Dress up in your school colors or a football jersey to support the powderpuff teams.

Twins Day

The chance for BFFs to dress up as twins is a photo opportunity in the making, especially when they look nothing alike. And in some cases, a group of three, four or five or more students may elect to come to school as a pack -- all dressed in the same clothing. Provide a place with a school banner or other decorations for selfies and photo-bombing to add to the twins' day fun.

Favorite Character Day

Dressing up as a favorite TV, movie, cartoon or book character allows you to express your inner creativity as you put together the outfit. From John Henry to Sherlock Holmes to Superman to Mercy Thompson to Darth Vader, the school is filled with a host of historic and imaginary characters. Provide prizes for the most creative and funniest costumes to encourage all the students to participate.

Cultural Celebration Day

Celebrate your own culture by dressing up in traditional clothing from you or your ancestor's country of origin. If your ancestry is mixed, have fun mixing and matching items such as a kilt with a kufi cap or a kimono with a sombrero. If you're just a regular American teen and don't know what to wear, blue jeans, flannel shirts, baseball jerseys, sneakers, flip-flops, cowboy or baseball hats, or other weekend clothing, fulfill the American cultural tradition.