High Protein Vegan Breakfasts

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Typical breakfasts contain a variety of meats and proteins, but vegans follow a plant-based diet, eliminating animal products. Starting the day with a meal rich in protein may help keep mid-morning hunger at bay, but your body needs protein to function properly. Each day, the average person needs 0.36g of protein for each pound he weighs, according to registered dietician Reed Mangels, Ph.D. If you keep a few items on hand, you can pull together a nutritious, protein-packed breakfast in very little time.


Cereals provide a good source of protein. One cup of oatmeal provides around 6g of protein, and if you use a half cup of soy milk instead of water to cook the oatmeal, this can add around 3g of protein. Packaged breakfast cereals may also provide a good source of protein for your family, but you may want to read labels carefully to avoid starting of the day with a cereal high in sugar content.

Whole grain toast may give you protein to start the day. Brands vary in content, but two slices could provide between 4 and 7g. A medium-sized bagel may also provide around 4g of protein.


Although not a typical breakfast food, vegetables make a good protein source. A single, medium-sized potato contains around 4g of protein, and for a morning such as a weekend, you can make hash browns.

Greens such as kale and spinach have protein; a cup of cooked spinach has around 13g. If you and your family enjoy smoothies, you can hide vegetables in a slushy concoction. Place fresh vegetables such as spinach and carrots in a blender, adding a banana, apple, strawberries or other sweet-tasting fruit to mask the vegetables for picky eaters. You can use frozen fruit or add a few ice cubes for slushiness.


Tofu contains a significant amount of protein. A half cup serving contains between 10 and 11g. You can crumble tofu into a skillet with a few seasonings and cook until slightly brown. Toss in some vegetables such as spinach, onions or potatoes, and you have a quick, high-protein breakfast. You can also put the scramble into a tortilla for a breakfast burrito.

Toppings and Additions

You can spread peanut or almond butter on your toast for an added boost of protein. For peanut butter, 2 tbsp. has 8g of protein, and almond butter has around 2g. You can sprinkle walnuts or other nuts and seeds into your oatmeal or cereal to boost your protein intake as well.