Grants for Women Ministers

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Female ministers need money to start their congregations. Not every denomination supports women in the ministry, denying them funds. In other sects, grants are available through religious organizations and private donors to help women start their ministries. Many of these donations come without any particular denominational requirements, allowing female ministers to obtain the funds they need to spread their words of faith.

Inspire Women Grants

Inspire Women is a religious organization that provides grants for education and ministry. Inspire Women offers scholarships for theology degrees and financial donations to start ministries. Applications are available online or by phone. Inspire Women sends the application within 24 hours after you ask for more information.

Australian Capital Territory Grants

The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) offers educational and financial grants to women in Australia. The grants vary in size. Educational grants are available to people living in Australia, while financial grants are for ministries established in the territory. Women can take advantage of these grants to learn and grow, even as U.S. citizens. Applications can be obtained from ACT via email from its website.

Christian Grants

Christian Grants is a website that offers grants to men and women. Grants are offered for individual ministers and ministries. The application for each type of grant is available online. Christian Grants are for expanding ministries, building construction and renovation, and youth programs. Christian Grants allows women to take advantage of the same grants offered to male ministers.

United Methodist Church Grants

The United Methodist Church offers many different grants for female ministers. Grants include funding for education, youth programs, building expansion and new ministry establishment. As of 2011, grants generally fall within the $500 to $5,000 range. Each grant has its own application and information page located on the Church website. The United Methodist Church offers these grants to women of all denominations, not just to Methodists.