How to Find Grant Funding For Senior Citizens

Senior citizen grants usually help with living expenses such as housing, transportation or home care. Some grants also help senior citizens get paid to volunteer or pay expenses such as TV and cable. Most grant funds are given to organizations and groups to give or pay for services for qualifying senior citizens. Each community will have its own charities and organizations that help senior citizens through grant funding.

Step 1

Visit and click on one of the areas to get started searching for funding. For example, click "Go!" under "Find Benefits Programs." Take the interactive questionnaire and let the system find results for you. The questionnaires take about 20 minutes on average to complete. Alternatively, click the "Apply for Extra Help" tab at the top of the page and then click the "Apply Now" button to fill out an application for extra Medicare help.

Step 2

Visit and click "Find grant opportunities" on the left menu. Browse by category, institution or do a basic or advanced search for grants that apply to your.

Step 3

Visit and click hover the mouse pointer over the "Explore Topics" menu. Click "Benefits and Grants." Scroll down the list and search for grants that apply to the elderly. Click on the program to learn more about it.

Step 4

Inquire through the local office of the Division of Family Services about transportation grant programs for senior citizens who aren't able to drive. Grant funded programs are set up to help senior citizens go to the store, attend therapeutic activities and go to the doctor.