Gifts for Recovering Drug Addicts

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Buying a gift for a recovering drug addict can be tricky, since you may not want to constantly remind him of his addiction. However, you can buy a gift that is part of the recovery process without being too obvious. Someone recovering from an addiction requires support from friends and family, and a gift will help show this.

Photo Album

According to the Menninger Clinic, family is crucial in providing a support network for the recovery of an addict: "As a family explores expectations, develops collective hope, normalizes their feelings, and builds upon their strengths, they start to develop a sense of safety within the family system." Making a photo album for the recovering addict will help him to remember that he has a loving group of family or friends that support him. Include photographs of the addict in a group setting surrounded by friends or family to emphasize that he is not alone.


Buying a vacation for a recovering addict will help her to forget her problems for a short while. If you are a group of friends or family, go on the vacation together to show support for her recovery. If there is a special location you traveled to when the addict was young, go there to remind her of positive memories. Many recovering addicts struggle with depression, so a distracting and uplifting vacation may help her in her recovery.

Sports Gift

Encouraging a recovering drug addict to take part in sports will help keep her mind occupied. Buying her sporting equipment such as running shoes may be the first step in helping her get fit and active. If you wish to buy a gift that is not ostensibly related to the addict's recovery from alcohol, sporting tickets or equipment is a fairly neutral present, suitable for both genders and any age. A normal gift will help in the process of normalizing the life of an addict.


An addict who has just left rehab may wish to make a clean start and begin from scratch. Buying him a new wardrobe will help in this respect, since he will be able to choose clothes that represent a new life. If you are unsure of precisely what he will need, offer to take him on a shopping trip. A suit will be a good gift for someone who is determined to get gainful employment.