How to Get Your Wife to Come Back

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There are times when marriage doesn’t go the way it’s planned and for whatever reason the two sides separate. If there is a chance of getting back together with your wife, it is usually at this time when you realize that you want your wife to come back. This task may be attainable if you keep some things in mind.

Show her what she has lost. This needs to be done in a way that is not mean spirited flaunting but will get her thinking about what she is missing out on. Put your good points on display and make them more shining and better than ever. If she used to like the way you made her laugh, be extra funny around her.

Make her slightly jealous. Many times women are keener to want a man that another woman wants. If you show her that you are desirable to other women, without making it seem like you are unattainable to her, this will send her in a frenzy that will soon have her wanting to reestablish herself as your ace.

Forgive and remember. When you do have the chance to be around her, show her that you have truly changed for the better. This is something that can not be faked so it will take genuine and serious effort. If you weren’t tidy or didn't cook before, maybe taking some cooking classes and getting yourself in a cleaning routine will help change the things that repulsed your wife in the past. Showing that you have genuinely changed, whether big or small, will make her interested in getting to know the "new you!" Be sure however that this change is for real and you will not let down if she comes back.

Refrain from digging up old dirt. Stay away from conversations that will ultimately end in an argument. If every time your wife comes around she finds that she is arguing, she will ultimately begin equating her feelings toward you with arguing. However, there is a fine line between avoiding topics that need to be resolved in an adult manner and avoiding senseless conflict.

Bait the hook. Getting your wife to come back to you means you will have to have something appetizing for her to return to. Take some time to put yourself in her shoes and point out the things that she would want to see in order to return. If necessary, go to the gym and get yourself in peak condition in order to entice her even more. The point here is to bait her into coming back.

Reel in the catch. If and when you get your wife to come back, let her know that you’re eternally grateful for her return. This should not be lip service only, but something that is proved in action. Show her that you are happy for her return by marking it with an overly-kind gesture such as being her personal servant for an unspecified amount of time. These gestures should be more than flowers and candy and should be done on a consistently spontaneous basis.

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  • Getting some counseling or having a mediator may help tremendously when trying to work out differences through conversation.


  • No matter how hard you try, you may not be able to make your wife do something against her wishes; at these times know when to throw in the towel graciously.

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