How to Get a Divorce in Barbados

by Contributor

Marriage is a romantic institution. We base our lives around a relationship when we get married. The sad truth is that thing sometimes just don't work out. Married people can end up doing hideous things to each other. When this is the case, getting a divorce is often the only option. The rules for divorce are different depending on the region you are in. Here are some tips on how to get a divorce in Barbados.

Find a lawyer. There are several law firms in Barbados that specialize in divorce law and can help you to get the best deal out of your divorce. Although you aren't required to have a lawyer, getting one is a good first step towards your divorce.

Settle the property. When getting a divorce in Barbados, one of the first issues that comes up is how to settle who will get the property, assuming that property is shared between the two people. The settlement is usually made to the benefit of both parties. If a child is involved, his needs will be heavily considered.

Plan for the children. When getting a divorce in Barbados, the welfare of the children involved with the two parties is a priority. Custody, finances and child support is all decided at this time.

Get your finances in order. The income of each party will be looked at in Barbados court, and the financial needs of each party will be discussed. Having these numbers in order will make the process go in a smooth fashion.

Be in good health. The Barbados court will look at the health of each party and take this into account when dividing assets among the parties.


  • Talk to your children as soon as you decide to divorce. Be open, and make sure they know it is not their fault.


  • Don't create hostile relations with the spouse you are divorcing. Try to salvage a friendship for the sake of the children.