Flirting Tips for Middle School

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There is no rush for middle schoolers to gain romantic experience. However, flirting is an innocent way for middle school students to learn how to speak to the opposite sex and simultaneously gain self-confidence. If you're going to flirt in middle school, arm yourself with several important tips.

Monitor Your Body Language

The object of your affection will be able to read a lot from your body language. Keep your stance open; don't cross your arms or legs. If you do cross your legs, cross them toward your crush. Mimic his body language. Sit up straight. Sit next to him in class. Maintain eye contact. If you're feeling bold, wink at your crush while you're speaking. Touch your face or play with your hair. Bite or lick your lower lip. Touch your crush playfully; for example, laugh and press his arm when he makes a joke. Smile and keep a pleasant expression on your face.

Make Good Conversation

Keep the conversation going and focus on getting to know your flirting partner. Break the ice with a flirtatious question, such as "Where did you get that gorgeous smile?" Ask her questions about her activities and shared classes. Insert sincere compliments into your casual conversation, but try to comment on something original, such as her painted nails or new jewelry. Talk about subjects to which she can easily relate. Avoid dropping names or boasting. Talk to her when you don't have to---for example, at lunch or at her locker when classes are changing.

Look Your Best

You'll likely have a lot more success in flirting if you do it when you know you look good. A new outfit or cute haircut can give you lots of confidence and approachability. Your crush will probably notice if you always look your best when he's around. Keep your hair clean and brushed. If you wear makeup, go for a pretty, natural look. Wear clothes that fit and flatter and learn to tastefully flaunt your physical assets when your crush is around. If you see your crush after gym class, take a shower so you'll smell clean and fresh.

Practice & Be Yourself

Flirting takes practice even for grown-ups. Practice on strangers or platonic friends of the opposite sex. After a while, you'll begin to discover the style of flirting with which you are comfortable and it will feel more natural. Never adopt a flirting style that isn't "you." If you're a sweet, innocent girl, don't try to play the experienced sophisticate. If you're a straightforward kind of guy, don't play mind games. Be honest and genuine; even if you don't get a date, you may make a new friend.