How to Feminize a Husband

Are you tired of sharing your life with beer, football and horror movies? Does your husband think romance consists of a buffet and wet naps? Help is here! With time and perseverance even the manliest hulk can become a passive pussy cat. Read on and learn how to take the Macho out of your man.

Know what you want to change and create your plan. Do you want him to spend more time with you? Be more sensitive? Learn the waltz? Knowing your purpose will provide focus when implementing project feminization.

Identify what motivates your man most and use it against him. Knowing his triggers will give you collateral when springing that couples' shower on him. Don't let on that you are withholding "favors." Just play coy, acting as though you don't know what he wants until he gives in.

Start slowly with subliminal tactics. Play songs like "Dude Looks like a Lady" or "Lola" and begin to avoid his name by calling him sweetie, darling, cutie and sugar lump.

Control conversations by answering his questions with more questions. If he asks, "Why do we have to go shopping?" Your reply should be, "Because you are a sweetie pie!" or "Because you love me so much!" Such responses will stop him in his tracks.

Use past favors against him. The next time he grabs for that action flick casually remind him of his golf trips, softball games and bar hopping escapades. You'll be watching Pretty Woman before you know it.

Praise him and all of his futile attempts at being sensitive. Transforming your man into Hugh Grant may take some time. Therefore if your birthday gifts consist of vacuum bags and kitchenware, thank him profusely for his efforts knowing that feminizing is a process.

Be careful what you wish for! Feminization is a powerful process that should be respected. Once Yani has appeared there is no turning back.