Facial-Hair Sugaring

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Waxing, threading and shaving. These are all familiar terms and the most common options for facial hair removal. However, there’s another method gaining popularity that stars a very sweet ingredient: sugar. Although not as well known, sugaring is increasingly converting individuals with its natural formulation, easy application and long-lasting benefits.

Sugaring 101

Sugaring involves a natural paste, typically made up of sugar, water and lemon or lime. According to treatment protocol explained by Navaeh Spa, the sweet mixture functions similarly to wax and is applied to facial skin in the opposite direction of natural hair growth. The paste is then swiftly flicked off (in the direction of natural hair growth), pulling the hair from the face.

Sweet Benefits

Facial sugaring comes with a range of short- and long-term benefits and is suited for all skin types and hair textures. Sugar cane’s natural alphahydroxy acid (AHA) content makes for a refining and a moisturizing hair-removal method, which is known to improve facial texture and tone. Because you are pulling in the direction of hair growth, sugaring helps eliminate and prevent ingrown hairs and is said to be less painful than traditional waxing and threading. Unlike traditional hot-waxing treatments, sugaring will not burn the skin and can be reapplied to catch missing hairs without irritation. It’s also hypoallergenic and water-soluble, which makes for easy cleanup.

Sugaring Frequency

Sugaring results are longer-lasting than waxing and shaving. It’s recommended that one get sugared every three to six weeks, depending on the hair regrowth cycle. Frequent and regular sugaring leads to better results: decrease in hair regrowth and longer time spans between sugaring sessions.

Precautions and Notes

Before sugaring, it’s important to avoid exfoliation the day before the appointment, as sugaring will provide gentle exfoliation that targets dead skin skills and not live cells. Creams and moisturizers are also discouraged the day of sugaring. After sugaring, exfoliation is still prohibited for the next 24 hours as well as perfumes, scented moisturizers, baths and steam rooms, direct exposure to UV rays and sweating.