Everything You Didn't Know You Could Grill and Were Afraid to Ask

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Have some fun this grilling season by trying some delicious new recipes. Your curiosity, not to mention your taste buds, will surely be piqued by this collection. From appetizers to desserts, delight your guests from start to finish with things you never knew could be cooked on a grill.


Keep the heat out of the oven and your home, and take the pizza party outside. Grilled pizzas have a satisfying slightly charred, crispy thin crust and a depth of smoky flavor infused into the toppings and cheese. Guests will be so impressed at how you've brought artisanal pizza into your backyard.

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Keep your beach body intact with a Grilled Chopped Salad With Sesame Lime Vinaigrette. Fresh greens and ripe mangoes walk the line between savory and sweet, while the brightness of the sesame lime vinaigrette ties it all together. The grilled element cranks up the complexity, adding an extra depth of flavor.

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Barbecue rice will hold its own against any main dish at your next barbecue. It helps the main event shine without being a boring side kick. Sweet and tangy homemade barbecue sauce coats grill-toasted rice, while the added smoke and char from the grilled onions, tomatoes, and garlic crank up the already complex flavors.

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Zesty and Exotic Corn-on-the-Cob

This golden, sweet summer vegetable just got more interesting! Explore six ways to intensify your maize, from Honey-Bourbon Barbeque to Asian Sensation, made with Sriracha and cilantro. Take things south of the border by trying Elote, a Mexican street corn recipe. It's a mouthwatering combination of sweet, buttery and spicy.Avocados

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While they are delicious on their own, grilling avocados imparts a nice smoky flavor. Try out these smoky, buttery treats aside and Tampiqueña steaks, made with roasted Anaheim chiles and shredded Mexican cheese. Round out this hearty meal by serving it with a side of beans or a toasty BBQ rice recipe.

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Green Beans

Grilled green beans, with their roasted flavor and crunch texture, are a vast improvement over their steamed counterparts. Even the most veggie-phobic kids can't resist them. Crisped Prosciutto Green Bean Bundles could be just the side you've been searching for to add to your backyard barbecue. These bundles deliver a fresh, delicately salty and smoky bite. Be sure to make enough for seconds!

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Spaghetti Squash

Spaghetti squash, an oft-overlooked gourd due to its mild flavor, presents an opportunity for endless experimentation. Follow this guide on how to grill spaghetti squash, and then season to your taste buds' content. Try it with some butter and molasses for a luscious, tender bite.

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In the late summer, when the breeze begins to cool and the crisp apples fall from the trees, these Grilled Apples really hit the spot. Grilling enhances and caramelizes the fruit's natural sweetness, and a touch of cinnamon, nutmeg and butter brings the promise of autumn to life.

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After a heavy meal of grilled meats, lead your guests down a lighter path for dessert. These Grill-Roasted Strawberry Crostini Sundaes may be just what you're looking for. The classic pairing of ice cream and strawberries is bolder here; the strawberries flaunt a lightly caramelized and charred skin, while the crunch from the crostini provides a tasty textural balance.

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Sweet and savory collide in a burst of summer flavors in these Mini Tortillas with Ricotta Cheese and Grilled Peaches. This simple and indulgent recipe is an excellent dessert or snack option. A flour tortilla gently cradles juicy peaches, dark corn syrup and light and creamy requesón -- a ricotta-like cheese from Portugal and Brazil -- for an incredibly happy bite.

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Grilled Nectarines With Honey, Whipped Cream and Mint are a cinch to prepare and a pleasure to enjoy. Topped with mint and freshly whipped cream, drizzled with honey, you will welcome the healthfulness of this dessert.Chopped Salad With Sesame Lime Vinaigrette

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