Do English Cucumbers Have to Be Peeled Before Eating?

by Kat Black

Sold year-round, English cucumbers have a subtly sweet flavor, with little or no bitterness. Because English cucumbers don't have a wax coating, they are sold with a tight plastic wrapping that protects the delicate skin. Keep these foot-long cukes wrapped tightly in plastic until you're ready to enjoy them, skin and all. There is no need to peel them.

Peeling Cucumbers

Normally, you peel a cucumber to remove the bitter-tasting skin. With English cucumbers, you can leave the thin, slightly sweet skin intact. Because the skin is quite delicate, removing the plastic wrap before you're ready to eat the cucumber makes the skin prone to damage and mold.

English Cucumber Uses

The skin of an English cucumber can make for a beautiful presentation. Slice the cukes into round circles: the dark green skin contrasts nicely with the lighter green interior. If you need a garnish, run a vegetable peeler or citrus zester along the cucumber's skin. These small strands of cucumber skin make a lovely garnish for salads and dips. If your recipes that call for traditional cucumbers, choose English cucumbers to save you time. Pop large pieces of English cucumber into the blender for smoothies and cold soups.

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