Easy Casserole Recipes With Ground Beef


0:05 hi I'm Susie Carmichael with swaha calm

0:08 and I'm going to show you how to make a

0:10 shepherd's pie with my favorite meal I'm

0:13 sweating out about a medium onion it's

0:16 probably about a half cup to a cup of

0:18 onions and to that I'm going to add

0:21 diced carrots nice small dice you want

0:24 everything kind of the same size with

0:26 all cooks at the same time what I love

0:29 about shepherd's pie if you had

0:30 everything included the meat the

0:33 vegetables the potatoes so you're good

0:36 to go

0:37 so I'm going to saute these

0:47 and then I've got about a pound of

0:49 ground sirloin you want to quit me and

0:52 meteor one a lot of fat in this she's

0:57 going to add that in there and you want

1:01 to brown that up break it up

1:16 is one of those nails I think we serve

1:18 once every two weeks at my house

1:21 everybody loves it we've got them tato

1:26 what's not to love that's drowning up

1:35 nicely I'm going to add about 2

1:37 teaspoons of rosemary you can use dry

1:40 you can use fresh I'm using dry over

1:42 here

1:52 a little pepper if you want to pre-heat

1:58 your oven to 375

2:01 once we get this all together and it

2:04 goes for five minutes

2:13 that's something good already to that

2:17 I'm going to add about a half a cup of

2:20 red wine

2:29 and about a half a cup of chicken stock

2:40 keep stirring that bowl that smells so

2:42 good and then I'm going to take about

2:47 two tablespoons of tomato paste this is

2:50 going to help thicken it and that tomato

2:52 flavor just really adds to this

3:09 and then I'm going to add about a cup of

3:12 frozen peas like I said it's got all the

3:16 vegetables and it's got two carrots your

3:18 peas your potatoes I always love meals

3:21 that have all the food groups included

3:23 at the same time and you want to cook

3:31 this up until your sauce starts to

3:34 thicken a little bit your beef is nice

3:36 and brown and then we're going to put it

3:38 in the casserole dish ah we've got this

3:45 right where we want it the wine is

3:48 reduced got a nice sauce with the tomato

3:51 paste there hamburgers nice and brown

3:55 okay the next step we're going to take

3:58 this over to our casserole dish

4:13 pretty colors

4:20 right

4:24 and now for the fun part now I've got

4:29 about four or five cups of mashed

4:31 potatoes this is a great use for

4:33 leftover mashed potatoes and we're

4:35 basically going to make a crust with

4:37 this hahaha

4:39 that looks so good

4:53 cover up all the meat and here is the

4:59 secret to perfect shepherd's pie is you

5:08 take a fork and you want to score it and

5:12 where all the scoring is that is going

5:17 to be crispy potato eggs and wonderful

5:21 doesn't have to be beautiful just want

5:25 to get as many raised areas as you can

5:28 all this here is going to get crispy and

5:32 wonderful now this is going to go into a

5:36 375 degree oven for about 35 to 40

5:42 minutes ah magic of television I started

5:50 this one a little bit earlier that's

5:54 what I'm talking about

6:06 look at that oh how good does that look

6:11 oh there you have it shepherd's pie

6:15 check out all that crusty potato I can't

6:19 wait to dig into this I'm Cici

6:20 Carmichael's see you next time

6:31 you