Different Styles of Headbands

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Choosing the right hair accessory can make the difference between classy, chic and tacky. The classic headband is a timeless accessory that has graced the heads of many women throughout their lifetimes. From the colorful, plastic headbands that you wore in grade school to fancy, embellished headbands that have graced red-carpet stars like Charlize Theron, all styles of headbands remain relevant today.

Classic Plastic Headbands

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The most simple of all headband styles, the plastic headband remains a stylish hair accessory. Skinny plastic headbands come in practically every color under the sun and remain popular with teens and tweens. But there's no age limit on this particular style of headbands. Skinny plastic headbands work as a great style accessory for short coifs. The thin line adds a bit of style and color to your look while still allowing your short hair to shine. The biggest complaint about plastic headbands in general is the pressure it puts on the temple after long wear. Thankfully, it is no longer the only style of headband you have to lean.

Fabric Headbands

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While plastic headbands remain fun and stylish, fabric headbands are the answer to the temple discomfort plastic headbands cause. Fabric headbands are comfortable to wear all day and provide all of the versatility and style of the classic plastic headband. Fabric headbands more frequently come with a thick band and range in style from bright, solid colors to prints. Fabric headbands with a thick band make a great compliment to a fancy updo without overshadowing the overall look.

Embellished Headbands

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Embellished headbands are ideal for a night on the town or if you want to upstage a simple blouse and jeans. Embellished headbands can be plastic or fabric, thick or skinny, and work best with updos or long hair. Embellished headbands tend to be a little too busy for short coifs. The fun thing about embellished headbands is that they can range from sequins and rhinestones to a simple bow. Embellished does not always have to mean extravagant; it can be very simple.

Crochet, Toothed and Scarf Headbands

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The variety of headband styles available make it easy to style any kind of look. Crocheted headbands not only offer comfort but another dimension to your look. The flowery design and availability in many bright colors make this the perfect accessory for any girlie girl. Toothed headbands come in either metal or plastic materials and hold the hair in place perfectly -- they also add volume to your hair, making them a perfect addition to medium or long hairstyles. Scarves make an ideal headband if you are the creative type. They come in many colors, prints and styles, and can be tied simply or elegantly to create the look of your choice.