Desserts to Pair With Cabernet Sauvignon Blend Wine

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Cabernet sauvignon blends are tricky to pair with the right dessert. While many desserts do pair well with the complex wine, there are even more that clash with it. Cabernet is an intense red wine made with slightly bitter cabernet sauvignon grapes. A cabernet sauvignon blend wine has other grapes, such as merlot, blended into the bold cabernet base. Desserts that pair well with the blended wine tend to be rich, but not overpoweringly sweet.

Dark Chocolate Cakes

The rich, slightly bitter taste of dark chocolate cake is a classic match for any kind of cabernet sauvignon blend wine. Cover dark chocolate cupcakes with dark chocolate frosting for an indulgent dessert that brings out the bittersweet flavor of the wine. Fill a dark chocolate cake with pistachio mousse and cover with semisweet chocolate frosting to create a sophisticated sweet, with a hint of creamy texture. Sprinkle dark chocolate lava cake with fresh raspberries for a rich treat with a tangy twist. Drizzle pomegranate sauce over a flourless dark chocolate cake for a decadent dessert with an exotic background flavor.

Nuts and Cheese Plates

Served alone, nuts and cheese are more appetizers than desserts. Matched together, they create a richly flavored dessert that pairs well with cabernet sauvignon blend wines. Serve small, smoked gouda slices on whole walnuts for a light, yet full-flavored, dessert that echoes the nutty taste of any cabernet blend. Dole out medium Asiago – a modestly sharp Italian cheese – with toasted almonds to create a barely sweet dessert that allows the sweetness of the wine to take center stage.

Berry Pies

Tart berry pies have just the right amount of sweetness to pair well with cabernet blend wines. Bake a pie with raspberries, blackberries, boysenberries or huckleberries for an old-fashion dessert that brings out the fruity taste of the wine. Use fresh berries for the pie to achieve the proper tart flavor, as syrupy pie fillings are too sugary to blend well with cabernet. While fresh cherry pie also pairs well with the wine, it needs a little lemon juice mixed in with the cherries to give it the right amount of zip. Blueberry and strawberry pies tend to clash with cabernet, unless the blend specifically uses the berries for flavor.

Assorted Cookies

There’s a cookie for every occasion, even when you’re serving cabernet sauvignon. Blackberry and dark chocolate chip cookies create a moderately sweet dessert that pairs particularly well with fruity cabernet blends. Vanilla glaze over raspberry-almond cookies offers a tart sweet with a nutty background flavor. Dip pecan shortbread cookies in semi-sweet chocolate for a simple treat that’s flavorful enough to hold its own against the strong wine.