How to Deal With Rude Kids

Are you a parent who has kids? Does your child's friend or friends be rude to your kid? When an adult sees rude behavior from kids, they should definitely do something about their behavior. Some parents or adults can loose their tempers easily when it comes to dealing with un-mannered children. This article will give tips on how to deal with rude kids!

Listen to children! Usually when your child comes in the house from playing and their feelings are hurt, you need to listen to them. Have them tell you what happened and ask them why their feelings are hurt. If they have been exposed to a rude kid, they might need your assistance. Children can be bad mannered and they may need some guidance. Many bad behaved children do not have the appropriate discipline or re-direction in their lives. (Their parents don't seem to care). If the rude behavior is really causing hurt feelings consistently follow the next step. Listen to both sides of the story. Don't assume that your child is totally being honest.

Confront the children or child who has the behavior problem. Ask the child if they said or did what your child said. Or if you heard or saw the child acting badly, ask the child why they did what they did. Most children will say "I was just joking or playing around". If that is the response that you get, talk to them about how it made you or your child feel.

Let them know that their behavior is not ok! Usually when an adult or different parents talks with children, they listen. Getting their full attention is required when talking with them.

Talk to the child's parent or parents. This only works sometimes but it is worth it to notify the parents of the un-mannered child. This will make you feel better as a parent knowing that you tried to resolve the issue and that you did the right thing.

Stop having your child or yourself around the rude kids. Keeping your child away from bad behaved children will help you and your child both. This will keep your child from not picking up the bad behaviors. Don't let your child play with rude and bad behaved children. Ignore the presence of these children. If they are at the same park, store or place, just ignore that they are there.