How to Deal With an Ex-Boyfriend Who is a Co-Worker

A break-up can be painful, especially when it requires seeing your ex-boyfriend on a regular basis once the relationship has ended. This reason makes dating someone in the workplace a challenge, at best. However, if you find yourself in the situation, you must learn to cope for the sake of your job.

Analyze existing feelings for the ex-boyfriend. Resolve any remaining hurt or anger. Discuss the matter with a close friend or seek counseling in an effort to move forward. Focus on self-care.

Be respectful of the former boyfriend, regardless of the past. Resist the temptation to discuss the ex-boyfriend or the relationship with co-workers. Preserve self-respect and dignity. Consider that the healthiest options in order to be pleasant and cordial.

Keep it professional in encounters with the ex-boyfriend at work. Limit discussions to immediate work matters and neutral subjects like the weather. Walk away from all attempts to discuss any aspect of the relationship.

Say "hello" to the parents, siblings or friends of the ex-boyfriend who show up at the workplace or a work-related function. Be professional, exchange a few pleasantries and move on.

Treat the ex-boyfriend with the same respect and professionalism as any other co-worker in a subordinate position. Document any actions, issues or exchanges. Seek guidance from a superior as needed.

Keep priorities straight. Make a list of what is important, both professionally and personally, and focus on those things. Work to accept the past without dwelling on it. Look ahead to the future.

Visit Human Resources in the event the situation becomes unbearable after all attempts to rectify it. Ask for a transfer to another department or unit. Be honest about the situation without divulging unnecessary details.