What Is a Couple's Massage?

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Couples massage is when two people are massaged in the same room. You each have a separate table, and the massage therapist will let you know how to lie down. Undergarments may be kept on. The masseuse will then drape both of you with towels for modesty, uncovering one part of the body at a time. Some spas offer packages where the couple can take advantage of showers and Jacuzzis afterwards, or treats such as champagne and strawberries.

Types of Massage

Couples massage typically uses the Swedish or deep-tissue technique. Scented oils may also be used -- if you would like to select a certain scent, let your masseuse know. Hot stone massage is also possible, but some spas do not offer this to two people in the same room, as it may lead to overheating. The massages will not necessarily be synchronized, but a similar technique will be used. Talking to the therapist isn't part of the procedure, though you should feel free to talk to your partner. The masseuse may ask you how a certain touch feels. Do communicate if a certain technique is painful, too hard, too soft or otherwise uncomfortable.