Cooking Potatoes On The George Foreman Grill


0:00 My name is Brandon Sarkis on behalf of Expert Village. Today I am going to show you how

0:04 to use a George Foreman Grill to make stuff besides grill cheese sandwiches and hot dogs.

0:09 The next I am going to show you is potatoes. I've taken some red potatoes which grill up

0:14 very very well. And once again, we are going to put just a little olive oil on here and

0:19 you've got to be pretty liberal with the amount of oil you are using. Olive oil isn't really

0:27 nearly as bad for you as some people like to believe. It is pretty good for you as for

0:32 as oil goes. If you don't put the oil in these potatoes, it's not really going to crisp up

0:37 very well when you grill them. I've switched the heat on the grill to high so that we are

0:43 actually going to get a nice brown on these potatoes. Same rules as the last few dishes.

0:48 Just little bit of pepper; okay, a whole lot of pepper if it's for me. Just a bit of salt

0:57 here and I'm going to grab my spatula. I'm sorry, my tongs. These handy things and I

1:06 am going to show you how to put on the grill. Okay we are going to open the grill up and

1:11 we are going to take these and put them top side facing up and it doesn't really matter

1:22 where they go. Obviously on a Foreman grill, the middle of the grill is going to be hotter

1:26 so you might want to put the smaller pieces closer to the edges for that reason. But you

1:30 don't have to, going to put some in the middle and also really keep them close together if

1:39 you want. There's no need for any space in between them. They will cook very evenly.

1:48 And since these don't have any juice to come out of them, don't worry about the drip pan

1:55 but I will still leave them there. So I am going to go ahead and close the lids on these

1:58 potatoes. The grilled potatoes are probably going to take seven to eight minutes. They

2:02 do take a while. You can do them a little less if you do them before hand. Do them like

2:07 five minutes and throw them in the oven to finish them while you are cooking your steak.

2:10 That works as well too. We'll come back in about six or seven minutes to check on our

2:15 potatoes. Look at that; nice grilled potatoes. I do see a couple of them here. You can tell

2:20 on the edges how they are done in the middle. These aren't because they don't have any contact

2:23 with the grill. So what you can do is you can actually pluck out these ones that you

2:30 know are done. They are the ones that had more contact time with the grill. And the

2:42 rest of these didn't so I'll close these up and let them go for another round.