How to Compliment A Person's Abilities With Appreciative Words

by James Holloway

Everyone loves to receive compliments. A properly phrased compliment can make a teammate, co-worker or friend feel valued and appreciated. Letting people know that you recognize their abilities is a great way to make them feel good about themselves and motivate them to succeed in the future. Your compliment must be accurate and sincere to have the best effect. All you need to do is make sure that you remember a few simple principles.

Be specific. Express exactly what you are complimenting. Describe what the person did that earned your praise and why it made you happy. For instance, if you are praising a co-worker's presentation, point out elements of his report that you liked and explain how his information and insight will help the company as a whole.

Be genuine. Do not give a compliment you do not mean. A sincere compliment carries a warmth and honesty that cannot be feigned. People will sense a fake compliment and feel embarrassed or hurt.

Be moderate. Do not go over the top with your compliments; be direct and brief. A long compliment, filled with effusive praise, can make the recipient feel self-conscious and embarrassed. Be relaxed and informal while still showing that what you are saying matters to you.

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