Chunk Albacore vs. Solid Albacore

Issaurinko/iStock/Getty Images

Found in the Pacific, Atlantic and Mediterranean seas, albacore tuna has a milder flavor and firmer texture than "light" canned tuna, a combination of bluefin, skipjack and tongol tuna. Often called "white" tuna due to the lighter color of its meat, this firm-fleshed fish comes canned almost exclusively in solid form, but can be found in chunk style, as well.

Tuna Types

Solid albacore tuna is packed in larger pieces than the flakier chunk variety. Solid pieces are cut from the loin and placed directly in the can without further shredding. Chunk tuna is a mixture of pieces from varying areas on the fish. Solid tuna provides more of a steak-like mouth feel, while chunk tuna blends more easily into dressings such as mayonnaise for use in sandwiches, pasta and casseroles.