Christian Icebreaker Games for Small Groups

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Meeting new people can be nerve-racking, even for the most outgoing. Use icebreaker games when bringing new people into your small Christian group. These games are useful to help everyone get to know one another. Icebreaker games are mini games that get conversation going and break down barriers. These kinds of games will get people out of their comfort zone and make new friends.

Ring the Bell

For this game, you will need a hand bell to ring. This game is fast-paced and fun for small groups. Before the meeting, create a list of descriptive phrases starting with “I’m looking for…“ Write general sentences like, “I’m looking for someone who is wearing the most buttons” or “I’m looking for someone who is wearing high heels.”

You will also need novelty prizes or some candy to give away to the people who respond to your call out. Instruct your guests to mingle and get to know one another. Ring the bell every two or three minutes. Call out using descriptive sentences from the list. Award a prize to whoever responds to the description. Keep playing until you are out of prizes.

Ball Toss

For this game, you will need a medium sized beach ball. You should gather everyone in a circle. As each person receives the ball, she shares one thing about herself. Play this game quickly to build momentum. It is a good idea to play some upbeat music in the background to keep the game moving along. Start by example and hold the ball first. Tell your name and age and toss it to someone in the group. As the ball goes around, have everyone share a little more. Small groups can learn a lot about each other in just a short amount of time.

Three Things About You

Pair off your small group into couples. Give each person in the group a mini notebook and a crayon. Set a timer for two minutes. Give the couples one minute to interview their partner. The goal is discover and write down three interesting things about the opposite person in the notebook. After the interview, shout "Switch!” The timer is reset and the couples one minute to find new partners. Again, the couples will have two minutes to write down three interesting things about the other person.

After everyone has paired off together and the interviews are complete, collect the notebooks. Read the notebooks aloud. It is not always easy to read as the interview notes are in crayon. Enlist the help of the interviewers to help you decipher the notes. This activity will help them to retain the information they learned during the game.