How to Check for a Daycare License

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The qualifications needed to get a daycare license vary greatly from state to state. However, every state requires that daycare providers have a license to provide childcare services. Depending on your state or county, daycare licenses may be managed by a state or county department. Checking on a daycare license gives you important information about the daycare such as staff qualifications, background check results, and if there are any complaints or investigations regarding the daycare facility.

Find out who manages daycare licenses for your state or county. has listings for every state to get you started (see Resources for a link).

Call the government department responsible for daycare licensing in your region. Ask for the name of the person assigned to the particular daycare you are checking on.

Schedule a phone or in-person appointment to speak with the daycare provider's caseworker. Expect to spend at least 20 minutes talking with this person so that all of your questions are answered.

Prepare a list of questions to ask the caseworker. Some questions to include are: what type of background check was preformed and what were the results; what are the qualifications of this daycare; has the daycare had any complaints; and has the daycare ever been written up?