How Can I Make My Girlfriend Miss Me?

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If you and your girlfriend are on a break from dating each other, and you miss her like her crazy, you probably are actively thinking about how to get her back into your arms again. However, that is oftentimes easier said than done. One way in which to rekindle your relationship is by getting your girlfriend to miss you. When your girlfriend has sufficient space and time away from you to be capable of missing you, she may realize that you indeed are the right guy for her, and always were.

Step 1

Avoid contact with your girlfriend. Although this might be very difficult for you, it can only help in getting her to miss you. Withdrawing from her will probably surprise her and make her wonder about you and what you are doing. She may wonder if you are seeing someone new, or like her less. Although it may seem silly, the more she wonders about where you are and why you haven't contacted her, the more likely she will be to miss you and want you back.

Step 2

Get busy. If you sit around and mope all day, you are not going to make any progress in getting her to miss you. Fill your time with activities and try new things that you never had the courage to do before, whether it's skydiving or learning how to speak Italian. The busier you are, the less tempted you will be to, in a moment of weakness, call, email or text-message her. This lets her know that you can manage life well on your own, and that you are not dependent on her.

Step 3

Resist the temptation to be spiteful if you run into her. In life, it is inevitable that we will occasionally run into people, even when trying our best to avoid them. If you happen to run into your ex while out in public, whether at school, at a shopping center or on the train, be as kind and polite as possible. This can be difficult, because inside you might be boiling with resentment and hurt. Do not show those emotions, however. The more calm, cool and collected you appear, the more desirable you will seem to her. Keep your emotions in check and remain in control at all times.

Step 4

Don't be available for everything. If you are spending some time apart from your girlfriend, but she invites you to a party or gathering she is throwing or attending, consider declining to attend. Do not decline in a rude or vengeful way, but make a polite excuse that you are unable to attend due to some other obligation. The harder you are to track down, the quicker she might realize that she misses you and wants you in her life again.

Step 5

Respond if she contacts you. Although it is crucial that you do not contact her yourself, it can be beneficial to allow her to contact you. When you speak with her, it is important that you behave in a calm manner. That is not to say that you cannot act happy to hear from her (because you most likely will be), but it is to say that you shouldn't act like you've desperately been awaiting her contact for days or weeks. Keep the conversation friendly but short; it will leave her wanting more.