Bump Caps Vs. Hard Hats

construction workers image by Edward White from Fotolia.com

People who are required to work in situations where physical injury may occur should wear protective head gear. Hard hats meet the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's guidelines, while bump caps do not. Several other factors come into play when choosing protective head gear.

Bump Cap Benefits

Bump caps are more lightweight than hard hats, making them more comfortable and proving to be less stressful on your neck, head and back. Bump caps are also well ventilated, providing more air flow than hard hats do.

Hard Hat Benefits

Hard hats offer more protection than bump caps. They have an outer shell that is hard and durable to deflect potential head blows. Inside, hard hats have a lining that is shock absorbing. Also, some hard hats can provide protection from electric shocks.

Job Locations

Bump caps are ideal in situations where it is not required to wear a hard hat, but injury could still occur. They are often used in warehouses and food processing plants. Hard hats are worn most commonly on construction sites. Hard hats are often required if you are working near electrical conductors, beams or pipes that are exposed.