Bringing Excitement Into Marriage After 6 Years

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The excitement newlyweds experience is often described as marital bliss. However, after six years of marriage, couples sometimes lose sight of the ‘newness’ of the relationship while juggling routines that revolve around work obligations, household duties and children. It is possible, with a little creative planning, to revive your marriage and bring back the spark you felt when exchanging vows.

Plan Date Nights

Time for yourself, let alone for your spouse, can be difficult to come by after six years of marriage. However, in order to keep the excitement thriving in your relationship, you must make time for each other. A weekly or monthly date night doesn’t have to be extravagant. In fact, dinner and a movie at home with just the two of you can offer the TLC you both need. In order to keep a marriage strong and healthy, couples need to make time with each other a priority, says Maud Purcell, LCSW, CEAP, writing for PsychCentral.

Share Special Secrets

Even though six years may seem like a lifetime together, realistically, you don’t know everything there is to know about your spouse. Allocate a few moments each day to share something special about yourself and encourage your spouse to do the same. These daily communication sessions can focus on your needs, feelings, dreams or hopes, says Purcell. If you have a new hobby or interest, your excitement is likely contagious. Let your spouse experience your passions firsthand through daily sharing.

Show PDA

Make an effort to show public displays of affection to remind your spouse that your relationship is just as exciting as it was six years ago. Make every effort to show off your sweet side, says Lynn E. O’Connor, clinical psychologist, in a "Psychology Today" article. Even when the two of you are angry, sad or annoyed with each other, O’Connor recommends offering displays of affection to move past these feelings. These public displays of affection may even reignite your intimacy as well.

Be True to Each Other

A solid marriage is built on honesty and trust. When trust is broken or hurtful words consume your relationship, the excitement in your marriage seems to disappear. Reignite your passion and love for each other by modeling honest and trustworthy behavior. It’s likely your spouse was drawn to you because you shared the same values. Reaffirm your commitment to these values by sharing your needs and wants and confiding in your spouse, recommends Dr. John Grohol, founder and CEO of PsychCentral. When a spouse feels needed and wanted, it can revive the relationship.