Bratwurst Sausage Recipes


0:00 hi I'm Pete Dryden and I'm going to show

0:02 you a bratwurst sausage recipe things

0:04 you will need bratwurst beer an onion a

0:10 saucepan an oven salt and garlic powder

0:15 the first step is to cut up your onions

0:17 into thin slices now place the onion

0:20 slices into the saucepan next pierce

0:23 each bratwurst two to three times with a

0:25 fork now add the beer to the saucepan

0:27 and turn the burner on to medium heat

0:29 now add your bratwurst to the beer

0:32 mixture and cook for around 10 minutes

0:34 now remove the pan from the heat and

0:36 allow the bratwurst to marinate for 30

0:39 minutes and now you're ready to grill

0:41 and that is a bratwurst sausage recipe