Boyfriend vs. Husband Material

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When it comes to dating, it's natural to wonder whether the man in your life has potential to be a long-term partner. However, if you pay close attention, he may already be telling you everything you need to know. By observing some of his behaviors closely, you'll know whether forever is written in your future or if he's better suited to be a "dating only" option.

Beyond the Basics

You want your potential life mate to be nice and friendly to others. However, the man that is husband material will not only want to spend time with you but also those you hold dear. He is interested in learning more about your family and friends, and as a result, he doesn't cringe at the thought of spending time with them. In fact, he may even encourage it since it's an opportunity to get to know another side of you.

He's Financially Responsible

Pay attention to how the man in your life spends money. Is he hasty, thinking only of instant gratification or is he focused on his financial responsibilities and savings? A man who is husband material will ensure the finances of his household are covered. At the same time, he's also planning for the long-term, which includes a retirement plan and perhaps home ownership. Essentially, by not being hasty with his money, he's in a prime position to build a future with you.

A Singular Unit

Your man will make sure to consider you in his choices. So, not only is he elevating who you are in his life, but "we" and "us" are pronouns he uses much more frequently because he takes pride in the fact that you are a part of him. Most importantly, he's elevated you to an active decision maker and partner, a distinctive quality of a man that is husband material.

He Believes in Family

Pay close attention to are his thoughts on family. Does he talk about children? Is he close to his parents, siblings or cousins? A man that is husband material values the idea of family and also tries to live those values, too. He is committed to keeping you involved in his life and looks forward to building a family with you to pass on traditions and values.

He's A Fair Fighter

Couples are not immune from argument. However, the difference between a boyfriend and a man that is husband material is how he fights. Is he eager to be right and will stop at nothing to prove it? Or, is he committed to having a civil conversation and keeping your feelings top of mind, regardless of how angry he gets? Simply stated, the one you want to marry is the man who speaks to you with the kindness you deserve

He's Trusting

A man that is the marrying kind trusts you. He is confident in your relationship and as such will refrain from making you feel guilty because of his own insecurities. Moreover, if he has any concerns, he's much more likely to discuss things with you and trust you enough to talk things out without being reactionary and jumping to conclusions.

Looking Ahead

A man that is ready to be a husband has a plan, . Of course, that means more than that weekend getaway, date night in two weeks or even a surprise concert next month. Maybe he's mentioned marriage, thought about where you would live or is working toward a career shift that would provide more stability. Whatever it is, if he is taking steps towards improving his current situation, that is likely because he wants to be sure he's ready to build a life with you.