How to Get My Boyfriend Back When He Stops Calling

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Sometimes relationships reach a point where one partner simply loses interest in the other or events occur that lead to one refraining from calling the other. If your boyfriend recently stopped calling you, it is easy to feel panicked and anxious about the situation. While him not calling you might be a sign that the relationship is over, you might be able to renew his interest and regain his love and affection.

Figure out why your boyfriend has stopped calling you. If you two recently had a fight, it is likely because he is angry at you and simply needs space in the relationship and time to cool down. If no fight has occurred it might be because he is busy with other engagements, such as work and school. Knowing why your boyfriend has stopped calling you will make figuring out how to approach the subject with him easier.

Attempt to call your boyfriend and judge his reaction. If he does not answer, leave him a voicemail and wait for him to return it. If he answers but does not seem enthusiastic to talk to you, gently ask him why he has stopped returning your calls. If he provides you with an answer, think of ways that you can fix the problem that led to him no longer calling in the first place. For example, if he stopped calling because he felt you were being too clingy, discuss ways that you can back off in the relationship in order to give him the space he craves. Showing that you respect his needs will help improve your chances of getting him back.

Avoid calling him daily, as this can make you look possessive and desperate. After you have left him one voicemail or have spoken to him, allow him to initiate the next conversation. It is important that you are not too pushy in trying to get him to talk to you, as this might lead to pushing him further away. If several weeks have elapsed, you can try to initiate conversation with him again in order to show you are still interested and try to renew the connection you once shared.

Continue living your life as you did before he stopped calling. It is important that you still devote time to other things you enjoy doing, and that you do not spend all of your time waiting by the phone for him to call. If he has lost interest, he might find himself missing you more if he knows you are out having fun and enjoying life without him. If he is no longer calling because he is busy, it is essential that you stay busy as well so that you do not appear to be obsessed or too dependent on him.

Realize when it is time to give up. Sometimes there is no way of getting your boyfriend back when he has stopped calling. If you have given him space and complied to what he has told you he wants, and he still is not calling you, it is best to move on and explore other opportunities.