Best Low Carb Foods

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Whatever your reason for going on a low carbohydrate (carb) diet, there are many delicious choices available that have great taste as well as high nutritional value. If you choose the right items you can have a meal that does not raise your blood sugar and may help you lose weight. You can also snack smart as there are many great snacks to choose from in this category. Most food items with fewer than ten carbs per serving would be considered low carb.


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There are many delicious vegetables that you can eat if you are on a diet. Although there are not many vegetables with zero carbs, many only have one to two carbs per serving, which makes them a great choice. Cucumbers and pickles fall into this category, especially when compared to potatoes and corn, and can be eaten by dieters and diabetics alike. Cabbage is a great choice and can be eaten cooked or raw with salad. Avocado in guacamole and bok choy, which is often seen in Asian-inspired dishes, are perfect for losing weight while on the Atkins diet.


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Although most fruits are high in carbs, there are some choices that will work with a low carb diet. Small amounts of lemon or lime can be used in salads and unsweetened tea. Raspberries, cranberries and rhubarb are some other fruits that are considered low in carbs. Apricots, when fresh, are a great choice as well, but often contain excess sugar if dried.


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Almost all meats are low in carbs and can be eaten as a main course for a meal or for snacking. Due to the fact that they are protein rich, they lack the carbs that break down into sugars in the body. Some of the healthier meat choices include turkey, chicken and salmon, which are low in fat as well and can be eaten liberally on a diabetic diet.

Cheese and Eggs

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Cheese and eggs contain few carbs, so their inclusion in this type of diet is paramount. They are perfect for the diabetic looking to control sugar intake as well as the dieter looking to lose weight. Eggs are a great source of protein and when used to make omelets with mushrooms and cheese, can be a great great breakfast. You can also use cheese on salads and lower carb vegetables for side dishes with your meat entrées. Cheese is a very versatile food that can be used in many dishes when you're on a low carb diet.