How to Balance a Healthy Love Relationship

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Couples are usually very much in love and connected when they first start out together. Over time, the positive interactions may become clouded by negative ones. This imbalance can lead to the breakdown of a long-term relationship. There are ways to rekindle the positive interactions and bring your relationship into a more balanced state, which will likely increase your level of contentment and connection.

Personal Space

Couples who respect and understand the need for personal space and boundaries have a better chance at keeping their love healthy and balanced, according to Tina Tessina, a California-based psychotherapist, in a Woman's Day article. Understanding what you need from each other and keeping the lines of communication open as you grow will help keep your love healthy and vibrant. Signs of trouble due to lack of personal space include resentment, walking on eggshells due to the moodiness of one partner, threatening to leave, and continuous arguments over how much time to spend together.

The Little Things

Even during busy times, carve out 15 to 20 minutes a day to talk to each other, take a walk, or have a cup of coffee. It only takes a few minutes, but little things like leaving a love note on the bathroom mirror or sending a surprise "love text" can really make your partner's day. Let him know you are thinking of him. Surprise him by making his favorite meal. Set the table with fine china and light candles for a romantic evening at home.

Embrace Your Differences

Life's emotional ups and downs can cause conflict in a relationship. Recognize that your partner may react to and solve her problems in a different manner than you do. Avoid taking your stress out on each other. Remain open to change and confront problems as they arise. Ignoring conflict in your relationship will not make it go away, according to Listen to gain a better perspective of your partner's point of view. Compromise when necessary.

Balancing Act

If you have children, having a healthy, loving relationship is not only a comfort for them, but also models what a balanced relationship between a loving couple looks and feels like, according to the Nickelodeon ParentsConnect website. Schedule a date night on a regular basis, and only allow a true emergency to cause you to cancel. Show non-sexual affection toward each other, as this conveys love and warmth, rather than an invitation to be physically intimate, which may cause tension for busy parents who are not in the mood, according to ParentsConnect.