Atlas Marcato Pasta Machine Ravioli Attachment Instructions

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Using a ravioli maker makes the process much easier than making it by hand. Making your own ravioli allows you to try new and different recipes like using whole wheat pasta or unique fillings and flavorful sauces. For example, use steak cut into small pieces as your filling and serve it in a sauce made from concentrated cream of mushroom soup, or add sour cream to make outside-in beef stroganoff, or even cut up pieces of lobster and shrimp and put them in seasoned ricotta cheese and serve them with a creamy tomato sauce for an economical, but expensive-feeling entree.

Prepare the sheet of pasta dough per the Atlas Marcato pasta instructions. Pass the dough sheet through the machine on setting five as the final pass to get it the correct thickness for making ravioli.

Cut the sheet of dough 20-inches wide by 30-inches long with a pizza cutter.

Flour the dough lightly on both sides. This ensures that the dough does not stick to the machine.

Slide the ravioli attachment onto the Atlas Marcato Pasta Machine by placing the side with the diagonal slant over the tracks on the pasta maker that are on the top right of the machine when the crank handle is facing out. Fit the tracks of the ravioli maker onto the tracks on the pasta machine and slide it into place securely. Attach the handle to the ravioli attachment.

Fold the sheet of dough in half lengthwise by bringing the two ends of the 30-inch side together.

Pick up the folded dough by the ends and place the folded center in the top of the ravioli attachment, over the rollers.

Open the two ends like a book and let the sides of the dough hang over each side of the ravioli attachment.

Place about 3 tablespoons of filling in the opening of the pasta sheet where it lays over the rollers. Spread the filling evenly over the opening, but do not spread it outside of the pasta sheet.

Slowly turn the handle of the ravioli maker attachment. Check the underside of the ravioli maker to be sure the ravioli is coming out in straight squares on the other side.

Add 3 more tablespoons of filling to the top of the ravioli sheet, over the rollers, after about one full turn or when you see that ravioli is coming out the other side without filling.

Gently pull the pressed ravioli as they come out the bottom of the ravioli maker away from the pasta maker as you continue to roll the ravioli through the press to avoid overlapping and sticking.

Place the finished sheet of ravioli on a dry cloth to dry. Once dry enough to break, separate the ravioli by gently breaking them apart at the seams.