At-Home Permanent Hair Removal

There are many types of hair-removal kits that you can purchase to remove unwanted hair at home. Some of the most popular forms of home hair removal include waxing, tweezing, depilatory creams and electrolysis. While all methods are effective at removing hair, only one can be considered permanent: electrolysis. Electrolysis prevents hair from growing back by destroying the hair follicle with an electrical current and you can do this procedure at home.


Machine selection is extremely important if you want to perform quality electrolysis treatments at home. Never buy the cheapest machine you can find without performing some research. Most home machines can be purchased for $100 to $200. Look for machines that are easy to use and highly effective at permanently removing hair. If a particular machine has more settings than you need, you can purchase a base model. Normally, a base model will be cheaper that an electrolysis machine complete with all the bells and whistles.

Getting Started

Read all of the instructions and warnings that come with your machine before you begin an electrolysis treatment. You will be directing electrical impulses into the follicles of your skin; proper technique is of vital importance. People with heart problems, epilepsy, skin conditions, open sores or wounds and diabetes are discouraged from performing electrolysis at home. Never use an electrolysis machine if you have electrical components in your body such as a pace maker.

Before you begin, make sure that you have all of the supplies that you need including cotton swabs, conductivity gel, a warm washcloth and a vanity mirror. A mirror that also acts as a magnifier usually works best as it will help you see fine hairs that you would not ordinarily see with a regular mirror.

Electrolysis Treatment

After your device is charged and ready to go, you can begin treatment. Most machines have a grounding strap that needs to be attached to you. Make sure you have attached the ground properly before proceeding to the next step.

In your kit, you will find a cream or gel used to enhance conductivity. Apply the cream evenly to the surface of the skin using a cotton ball or Q-tip. Check the machine’s setting to ensure that it is set according to your unique skin and hair type. If you are a first-time user, start out with a lower setting until you see how your skin reacts to the treatment.

home electrolysis is much like tweezing. First, grasp each individual hair that needs to be removed with the electrolysis tweezers. The current will activate as soon as you close the tweezers. After a predetermined amount of time, the machine will make a noise to inform you that the proper amount of time has passed. Tweeze the treated hair before moving onto the next hair.

Work in small sections from left to right. If your skin becomes irritated, move to a different spot. It may take several home electrolysis treatments to permanently remove all unwanted hair.