How to Ask a Guy to Marry You

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If you're a woman, you likely didn't grow up thinking about how you might propose to your man if the time ever came. Traditionally it's the man who grows up learning he must do this. But nothing says you can't switch it around and be the one to create that special moment. Before you do, however, consider these helpful tips.

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Create a list of the top three things that interest him. Tie one of these things to your moment. You want it to be special, and there's no better way to do this then combining it with something he's interested in. For years after you get married, he'll think of you and smile every time that "something" happens to him. Keep in mind that this could mean you incorporate a barbecue, sports game or even out-door recreation activity into your moment.

While traditional proposals almost require the man to kneel (upon pain of social criticism), what people don't think about is that it's a position of subjection. Instead, consider standing close to him. You can either hold the ring in your hands or have him discover it elsewhere. If you choose the latter, hold him from behind, so he knows you're there and can feel your warmth.

Pick a relative time and place. This means instead of saying, "I'll propose at 8:15 sharp," you resolve to propose after something else happens. Maybe it's after you eat dinner, after you watch a show or after you get home from a sports game. Just make sure it's relative. This allows you to be flexible and to find the right moment, because if 8:15 comes around and you can't stop and propose at that exact moment, you'll feel incapable of doing it at another time and miss the moment altogether.

If he says he doesn't like romance, he's lying. Every guy loves romance--as long as you develop it in a way that doesn't embarrass him. This depends on the guy, but the best advice is to keep romance private. Don't be super-romantic in front of other people.

Never use social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook or Myspace. According to a blog by Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg, you do not have full ownership of your material that you post. If he happens to say "no," you could have an embarrassing post out there for a long time.

Don't worry too much. If you're taking this step it means your relationship is comfortable enough for the woman to do the proposing. If you've given it the time and thought, you know he will be OK with it. So don't worry. Just enjoy the moment. It's as much for you as it is for him.