Ariete Cafe Prestige 1375 Coffee Machine Instructions

espresso image by Christian Jung from

The Ariete Co. made the Cafe Prestige Lello 1375 espresso maker to use both ground coffee and pre-packaged espresso pods. This stainless steel espresso maker has a removable 2-1/4 quart water bin in the rear that can be refilled without having to remove it. This makes using the 1375 a breeze. Just grind your own espresso beans -- or buy some from the store -- fill the water pot, and you're almost done already.

Fill the water reservoir to the fill line. Turn on your Prestige 1375 with the front knob and allow it time to heat up: This will take about five minutes.

Grind your beans in the 1375's single or double shot container. This is attached to the device's front handle. Tamp the grindings down firmly with the tamper provided by Ariete.

Insert the grounds into the machine by slipping the container into its corresponding slot and sliding the handle to the front.

Place your espresso cup under the pour spout. Add a few tablespoons of cream to the top pour bin for frothing, if desired. If you've added cream, wait an additional five minutes for it to heat.

Slide the power knob to "Brew" and the espresso will begin to pour.

Add cream frothing, by pulling the frothing knob -- located on the 1375's right side -- toward you while the espresso is pouring, and the espresso will be touched with a froth of cream. Slide the frothing knob backward to stop the process.