Aloe Vera Gel for Stretch Marks

by Natalie Saar

Cutting open an aloe vera plant will produce the gel that helps alleviate stretch marks.

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Aloe vera has qualities that will help heal stretch marks. It will help moisturize and keep skin supple so that stretch marks will not occur and can help heal. Stretch marks occur when skin stretches due to weight gain. Pregnant women become concerned that they will have stretch marks on their stomach after their pregnancy, but applying aloe vera will help alleviate this.

Prevention and Healing Qualities

Aloe vera comes in many forms, but the key to preventing and healing stretch marks is the vitamins it contains. The aloe vera plant is where the ingredients for this originate. Mixing the contents of this plant with oil and extra vitamins will help enhance the healing qualities of aloe vera.


The application of aloe vera is just like any other lotion or cream. Simply put it on the affected or desired area a couple times a day. If you live in a dry area or your skin is exposed to the elements, you may want to apply it more than a couple times a day.

Various Forms

Aloe vera can be used in many different forms. If you live in an area where these plants grow, you can slice open a leaf and use the liquid that oozes out. It is completely harmless and will only help your skin. Apply it directly to the affected areas. This has a bit of a slimy feeling so do not put clothes or other materials on it because they will get the aloe on it. Due to this, it is sometimes diluted with other ingredients so that it can be fully absorbed into the skin. Also, you can drink aloe vera to make sure it is getting into your system and you are staying hydrated.


If you would rather make your own aloe vera gel, you can do so at home. Combine olive oil, aloe vera, vitamin A and vitamin E. The combination of these will make sure that your skin is protected and a lot is absorbed, however, it will not fully be absorbed so make sure that you are not wearing clothes that could be ruined by the gel.


While aloe vera has been proven to help reduce the effects of stretch marks, and it will keep skin moisturized to help prevent them, there is no guaranteeing that it will get rid of all stretch marks. They will most likely be reduced, but older stretch marks are harder to get rid of so the amount they shrink may be less.

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