How to Accept That a Man Will Never Be Able to Love You

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Accepting rejection is never easy. When attempting to come to terms with the fact that the man you love will never be able to truly love you, find it in yourself to move on gracefully. Let go of him. There is peace ahead and better things to come.

Find Closure

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People are not always forthcoming with their feelings about a relationship. You may be left in the dark, wondering why you can't connect with the man you love. When it is time to accept that he just doesn't love you in the way you want him to, confront him. You deserve the truth. Hearing him say, "I don't love you" can be the painful, but necessary, start to reconstructing your life. At first, the process may be emotionally draining, but eventually you can pick up the pieces of your heart and move on.

Say Goodbye

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Hanging on to hope that he will come running back to you works against you in your battle for peace. M. Farouk Radwan, MSc., tells readers that reminiscing about good memories, clinging to keepsakes and relying on hope for a future relationship with a man who doesn't love you are common mistakes made by women trying to move past heartbreak. Allow yourself to let go.

Open Your Mind

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To accept his feelings and move on, you need to be open minded. The article "8 Steps to Mend a Broken Heart" recommends writing a story about your relationship from an outsider's perspective. Sometimes creating a viewpoint that is different from your own can help you see the relationship in a new light. Try to grasp the fact that he can't love you, rather than constantly pondering the reasons why.

Move On

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Your love is a precious gift. When you give your love to a man who doesn't reciprocate, it is heartbreaking. However, you will love again. Try to keep your thoughts on positive things in your life; focus on work, play and friendships. Time heals all wounds, both physical and mental. When it's time to love again, don't settle for someone who doesn't give you all the love you deserve.