How to Cure Acne With Raw Honey

honey pot with some honey image by Francois du Plessis from

If you’re looking for a safe and natural alternative to the typical over-the-counter acne treatments, you may be surprised at just how effective honey can be. Honey has been used to treat everything from acne to small cuts because of its powerful antiseptic and antimicrobial properties. Using honey to treat acne is a simple process that renders noticeable results. So rather than perusing the soap aisle in search of your next approach to treating your acne problem, opt for a bottle of organic honey instead for a clearer complexion by using a much more natural approach.

Warm up organic honey in your hands by scooping it out of the jar and allowing it to sit in your hands for a moment until it begins to soften up. Don’t heat the honey in the microwave, as this may cook off some of its antimicrobial properties.

Apply the honey to your face, making sure to cover your skin completely.

Allow the honey to sit on your skin for 5 to 10 minutes.

Wipe away the honey with a clean damp cloth.

Rinse your face by splashing it with warm water.

Pat your skin dry with a soft, absorbent, dry towel.