Is Tweezing Bad?

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When it comes to hair removal, choosing the right tool guarantees the smoothest process and results. Tweezers are a convenient hair removal tool that should have a place in your cabinet for dealing with unruly brows and stubborn patches of hair. While handy in a pinch, tweezers don't suit all areas of the body or all hair-removal needs. Consider your options when deciding whether or not tweezing is right for you.


Tweezing is ideal for targeted hair removal. You can tweeze to remove individual hairs without excess material or time. Tweezers also work well for people with sensitive skin, who may not respond well to hot wax or abrasive materials. Tweezing works best for stray hairs on the face, because it does not leave the skin irritated for a long time. It is the most cost-effective method of hair removal. If you invest in good quality tweezers, they will last for years and save you a trip to the salon every time a stray hair appears.


Tweezing is not the best choice for every hair-removal need. It doesn't last as long as other methods, and hair tends to grow back within a week or less. It requires careful concentration and close attention to grab individual hairs. It is easy to overpluck, particularly when it comes to brow grooming. The sharp edge can cut the skin if the tweezers slip, and it is time consuming to remove large areas of hair.


The right tweezing technique makes the process run smoothly and delivers longer lasting results. Gently pat the area of skin with a warm damp cloth. Pull the skin taut with one hand and grasp the hair at the root with a pair of angled tweezers. Swiftly pull the hair out in the direction of growth. Afterward, apply a soothing moisturizer to prevent redness and irritation. Soak the ends of the tweezers in rubbing alcohol after each use to keep them clean.


You can take other routes if tweezing isn't for you. Waxing is best for people with coarse hair who have a large amount of hair to be removed. It is quick, and strands are removed from the root for lasting results. Threading is a targeted method that removes hairs individually, from deep within the skin. It is the longest lasting method of removal and is a good choice for people with sensitive skin as it is nonabrasive. Depilatory creams are another at-home option that can remove large sections of hair at once. For best results, choose a formula suited for the area of your body that you will be working on and your skin type.