How to Communicate Effectively With Men

John Rowley/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Men value communication that is direct but that also has a purpose. Effective communication with men incorporates subtle qualities that meets them where they are. Keeping these ideas and others in mind when you talk will get you both on the same page. As a result, you can become a more successful communicator with men and potentially with others.

Speak with confidence. To effectively talk with men, adopt elements of their communication style. Men typically adopt assertive styles of communication, lending to images of power and status for them. Stand tall with a straight posture, maintaining eye contact with him. Use language that asserts your thoughts and feelings rather than adopting passive styles of communication. Adding these elements to your speech show that you are willing to approach men at their level while still asserting your own power.

Get to the point. Men more often use direct modes of communication, reducing the fluff in what they say. Be straightforward with him to communicate efficiently. Tell him exactly what you are talking about without providing extensive detail. Men are more likely to want the communication to be short and sweet rather than long and drawn out.

Honor his sense of autonomy. To men, independence is a virtue. Use a style of communication that respects their identity as men and allows them to maintain a sense of independence. Give them choices instead of forcing them to adopt a position. Respecting men's sense of independence is more likely to get them on board with you, increasing the effectiveness of your communication.

Work with him to create a solution. Men value problem-solving and are highly goal-oriented in their communication. Include them in any problem-solving you need to do to help them feel important. By including them in helping you reach a solution, you invite men into your thought process. This process becomes an important tool that works with men's value of purpose-driven communication, thus making you a more efficient communicator.