Does Gluten Make You Tired?

by William McCoy

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If you find yourself longing for a nap after enjoying a sandwich or bowl of pasta, you might not just be short on sleep. It's possible that you have a gluten sensitivity or even undiagnosed celiac disease. Gluten, a protein found in grains, including wheat, barley and rye, is present in a number of food items such as breads, pasta, sauces and sweets. Fatigue is one of several signs that your body doesn't effectively handle gluten.

Fight Fatigue by Avoiding Gluten

Many people can consume products that contain gluten and not feel any side effects. If you're gluten sensitive or intolerant, however, one of the symptoms you might experience is fatigue. Other common symptoms, notes CNN Health, include bloating, joint pain and a general mental fogginess. Avoiding foods that contain gluten is the only way to prevent these health issues. Look for foods that are labeled, "gluten-free" and get tested to confirm that you have issues with gluten.

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