How to Store Home-Baked Bread So It Doesn't Go Stale

by M.H. Dyer

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Wholesome home-baked bread often has a flavor and nutritional edge over commercially-baked breads. Whole-grain breads such as whole wheat, oats, rye or graham flour are especially vitamin- and fiber-rich. Because home-baked bread is preservative free, the bread doesn't last as long as most commercial breads, and fresh bread soon becomes dry and tough. Home-baked bread may mold quickly, especially in humid climates. However, you can take steps to ensure that your home-baked bread stays fresh as long as possible.

Wrap your home-baked bread in a clean towel, a cloth napkin or a piece of linen fabric. If you sew, make a simple linen bread-storage bag. Add a drawstring to the top of the bag so that you can easily close the bag.

Place the fabric-wrapped bread in a paper grocery bag.

Place the home-baked bread in a cool, dry spot. Don't store the bread in the refrigerator, as bread dries quickly in the cool temperatures.


  • If you can't use your home-baked bread right away, store the bread in the freezer. Place the bread in a resealable plastic bag, and then squeeze out as much air as possible before placing the bread in the freezer.

    If you make home-baked bread often, buy a breadbox, and then store the wrapped loaf in the box.

    Don't dispose of slightly stale bread. Instead, use the dry bread for topping French-onion soup or bisque, add it to meatloaf, make grilled-cheese sandwiches, French or cinnamon toast, or toast the bread and make breadcrumbs.

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