How to Marinate Lamb on a Spit

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Spit cooking or roasting refers to securing larger pieces of meat to steel rods and attaching them to a rotisserie. The meat rotates slowly to cook evenly and deliver a moist end result. Lamb works well on a rotisserie, with the leg, shoulder or whole lamb common choices. Cooking lamb on a spit makes the meat tender and flavorful, but adding a marinade at the right time will enhance the dish even more.

Whisk together fresh lemon juice, dried oregano and olive oil in a large mixing bowl. The quantity will depend on the cut of lamb you are using.

Rub the marinade into the meat of the lamb, using your hands. Massage it into the meat vigorously, to ensure it penetrates under the surface.

Refrigerate the lamb and let it marinate overnight.

Place the lamb on the spit and start your rotisserie. Sew the middle of a whole lamb shut with aluminum wire before you begin.

Baste the lamb with a combination of fresh lemon juice and olive oil every half hour as it cooks.