How to Cook a Ham: Removing the Skin

Man slicing Dalmatian prosciutto

gsermek/iStock/Getty Images

Ham comes from the hind legs of the pig. It is often served on holidays and other special occasions. Hams are generally available in whole or partial form, with the bone in or out and with a skin, or rind, on or off. If you have a ham with the outer skin intact, it is possible for you to remove it fairly easily by using a knife and your hands.

Cut through the skin of the ham in a zig-zag motion, all the way around the hock, near one end. Turn the ham as you go to make the process easier.

Slide your fingers and thumb under the skin that you've loosened and gently pull it away from the flesh. Peel the skin away a little at a time. Use your knife to help if you reach a spot that won't come up with your hands.

Move the ham into different positions as you peel and cut, until the skin has been completely removed. Leave a thin layer of fat on the surface of the ham as you peel the skin away. This helps protect the meat from drying out when you cook it.

Cover any leftover ham in the fridge with the skin you cut off. This will help keep the ham moist.