Nutrition Guide for Hooters Boneless Wings

Hot and Spicy Boneless Buffalo Chicken Wings

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Hooters provides limited nutritional information for the majority of its menu selections, and does not publish data about its boneless chicken wings. Nutritional data calculations, therefore, are based on educated guesses. Depending on the source, serving size for this meal varies between 9 and 10 pieces. Most information describes the wings tossed in Hooters’ wing sauce, although wait staff serve the dish with your choice of dipping sauce; ranch dressing is a popular choice.


A 10-piece serving of Hooters boneless chicken wings contains between 710 and 750 calories. This completes almost 40 percent of your recommended daily intake based on a 2000-calorie diet. Add ranch dressing as a dipping sauce and the calorie content skyrockets to over 1,500.


Containing between 41 and 50 g of fat depending on the source, Hooters boneless chicken wings are high in fat. At a minimum, this dish accounts for 63 percent of your recommended daily allowance for fat, and can triple when you factor in ranch dressing dipping sauce.


Nutrition experts consider chicken a lean meat that is rich in protein. With 45 g of protein per serving, Hooters boneless wings come close to fully meeting the recommended daily allowance of 50 g of protein per day for an adult woman.


Hooters boneless chicken wings contain many carbohydrates -- 30 to 45 grams, depending on the source. While nutritional experts recognize the importance of carbohydrates as an energy source, they recommend your carbs come from natural low-calorie sources such as whole grains and vegetables.

Wing Sauce

Hooter's wing sauce accounts for a large portion of the calories and fat in the boneless chicken wings. Just 2 tbsp. packs 130 calories and 14 g of fat.