Nutrition Software for Dietitians

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There are several software options to help the registered dietitian with her career focus. Having a personal database of nutrient breakdowns and client materials is advisable considering the breadth of information available. Whether the dietitian's specialty is in clinical, community, education or food service, there are software programs to help streamline and organize nutrition information.

Evidence Analysis Library

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The American Dietetic Association provides an electronic Evidence Analysis Library free to ADA members. This database is consistently updated with the latest scientific research concerning food and human nutrition. Educator Modules are also provided within the Evidence Based Library for a nominal fee. These modules contain Word documents and Power Point files on 23 different topics including energy expenditure, counseling, weight loss, and several different disease states.

Health Record Toolkits

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Electronic Health Record Toolkits apply evidence-based nutrition practice guidelines in a software format that provides a road map to guide the dietitian within his or her specialty. The program provides client education materials, medical nutrition therapy protocols, and monitoring and documentation forms. The titles currently available for nutrition specialty include adult weight management, critical illness, disorders of lipid metabolism, oncology and pediatric weight management.

Diet and Energy Assessment

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iProfile CD: Assess Your Diet and Energy Balance is an affordable software program available through Nasco Nutrition. It is a quick and easy reference for any specialty nutrition practice. This program can also be purchased by clients to help keep track of their food intake and physical activity. This is a comprehensive software program that offers nutrient reports, menu planning assistance and nutritional breakdowns for more than 26,000 foods including ethnic dishes. It is available in both Windows and Macintosh formats.

Food and Recipe Analyzers

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The Food Label Analyzer provides the dietitian with information that you normally will not find on the Nutrition Facts panel located on food packaging. This software also has the ability to calculate percentages of certain nutrients based on a client's personal traits. The Recipe Analyzer allows the dietitian to enter recipes and receive a detailed nutrient breakdown. It also stores and organizes the recipes for future reference. Both of these software programs are available in Windows and Macintosh format.