Kaiser Hotdog Diet

Hot Dog with Ketchup and Mustard

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The Kaiser Hotdog Diet does not involve having only hot dogs, but it is a strict diet plan. Over a period of three days, the diet allows you to have ice cream, eggs, peanut butter, and hot dogs. The Kaiser diet allows these food items because it is believed that these foods will increase your metabolism, thus allowing your body to function at a faster rate, helping you lose weight.

Day 1 Plan

The first day of the diet involves intaking mixed foods. For example, for breakfast, you are allowed to have grapefruit, peanut butter and a slice of toast. For lunch, you can have a slice of toast with tuna and a cup of coffee or tea. For dinner, you can have a choice of meat, green beans, a cup of beets, an apple and a cup of vanilla ice cream.

Day 2 Plan

You kick off day two with a banana, a boiled egg and a slice of toast for breakfast. Moving on to lunch, you get an ounce of cheddar cheese, some saltine crackers and a small apple. For dinner, you have tuna, a cup of beets, a cup of cauliflower, half of a cantaloupe and half a cup of vanilla ice cream.

Day 3 Plan

Breakfast includes an egg and a slice of toast only. Lunch and dinner have the same menu as day two, with the exception that you get to have two hot dogs for lunch. According to the Kaiser Permanante Health System, this diet will lead you to lose 10 pounds at a rapid pace by eating a combination of certain foods in specified amounts. You are allowed to carry out this diet plan four times in a month, but not consecutively.

Cons of the Kaiser Hotdog Diet

This diet is very low in calories, which can lead you to fall sick after the three days are over. Also, it contains hardly any fruits or vegetables, and once you stop the diet, the weight may pile on as quickly as you lost it. There are also no nutrients that this diet provides and neither does it advocate the idea of incorporating exercise alongside the diet plan.

Expert Insight

According to The Diet Review, the Kaiser Hotdog Diet may help you to lose weight at a rapid pace, but you are likely to gain it back just as rapidly after resuming your regular eating habits. This is due to the fact that the weight being lost is water, rather than fat loss.